May 18th, 2021 – Clark Tower

Report by Lucille Wiggin.  The May 18th Tue. hike saw 11 ADKers meeting on Beaver Meadow Rd., Cooperstown for a two mile hike to Clark Tower. We first walked along the wetland feeding the large pond that can be seen across from Carefree Gardens on Beaver Meadow Rd.  It is augmented by two small beaver dams.   By circling back and taking the long gradual trail up, we finally reached the Tower, which overlooked Cooperstown and the Susquehanna River valley before the pine forest grew so tall.  The fenced in area around its base also contains the graves of Ambrose Clark, his favorite hunting dog and race horse.  (Google “Ambrose Clark Irish Tower” to read all about him.  Click on each blue word in the story for explanations.)  By stepping thru the fence at the edge of the Sheep Dog Trial field we could see a small section of Cooperstown and Otsego Lake.  From there we took the wide carriage road directly down to our cars.

Photos by Diane Aaronson.

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