June 1st, 2021 – Mud Lake

Report by Ruth Schaeffer.  Ten hikers started out for our trip to Mud Lake from the Pine Lake parking area.  It started out a bit chilly, but once the sun came out we warmed right up.  The dappled sun through the trees was very pretty.  We were looking for spring wild flowers, and we did see a few, including a Pinkster bush.  Once we got to the bog, we noticed that the Pitcher Plants were just about ready to bloom, but we were a bit early.  No such luck with the orchids, either.  From other hikes we’ve taken here, the Grass Pink Orchid had been seen along the bog.  On the trail, the Moccasin flower and Helleborine Orchid had been seen.  No such luck today.  Maybe a couple weeks later next year, might do the trick?  We had two others hikers join us along the trail!!  Very nice morning and hike, especially since we have had a couple days of heavy rain before today.  

Group photo by Ruth Schaeffer.  Other photos by Scott Fielder.

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