July 6th, 2021 – Gilbert Lake State Park

Report by Aleda Koehn.  Twelve hikers met at the earlier time of 9:30 at the upper parking lot above the Gilbert Lake Beach.  The day was hot and humid, and just as we were starting out we heard a rumble of thunder.  The radar had a blob of green and orange heading in our direction but we decided to take our chances.  Two of the group would walk around the Lake and the rest of us headed up to the Red Trail, then the connector, and finally on the trail that goes around the ponds.  At Ice Pond we saw all the work the beavers were doing below the pond and in the woods.  Many trees had been downed and we could see beaver lodges and accumulated water.  One trunk had been chewed to almost a point.  The trunk above the point had been cut as the tree was in danger of falling.  Notice Betsy poised on the beaver seat.  We continued past Lake of the Twin Fawns.  The sun came out and we did not get a bit of rain.    

Meanwhile…….. Report by Bob Ciganek.  Instead of taking the Red Trail, Lucille and I opted for the less strenuous trail around Gilbert Lake.  Our quiet walk was near completion and only about two hundred yards from the beach section of the lake when that quiet walk became a frightful moment in our lives. Without a breeze to speak of, a standing pine tree, less than a few steps to the left of our path, seemed to moan, split, and crash to earth. (See attached photo).  In a split second, we dove to the right in the direction of standing trees. Nothing touched us, but I know our hearts were beating much more rapidly than usual. If given the choice, I feel we’d avoid such excitement if possible.   

Photos by Betsy O’Brien and Bob Ciganek.

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