Star Field – July 27th, 2021

Report by Sarah Patterson.  Eighteen hikers met on Chicken Farm Hill Rd. in Cooperstown to hike the 3.7 miles to Star Field and back. We were joined by Marie Lusins’ cousins, Tanina and Don, visiting from N. Carolina. We met at 9:30 and the morning was perfect for hiking. The trail is gentle up and down, nice and wide as it was a former bridle path. There were a few muddy spots but all traversable. There is a section of corduroy road where the trail is perpetually damp, most probably so the buggy wheels didn’t get bogged down. It is mostly wooded until we reach Star Field. There were all manner of mushrooms along the trail. I wanted to rechristen the trail the Currie Marr Memorial trail! We reached Star Field and had a wonderful view of the west side of Otsego Lake, the Fenimore Art Museum and a sliver of the lake itself. Three intrepid hikers decided to hike the perimeter of the field as well, while the rest of us filed back to the trailhead. A few of us treated ourselves to Schneider’s donuts before departing Cooperstown. 

Photos by Betsy O’Brien and Scott Fielder.

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