October 12th, 2021 – Betty and Wilber State Park

Report by Linda Pearce. The morning of our hike at Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park on October 12th provided us a bright blue sky, warm temperatures and colorful autumn leaves. The 229 acre park in the town of Westford offers a three mile trail, known as Andy’s Trail, around the perimeter of the park. A group of twenty-three hikers started at the Sunset Pavilion and went counter-clockwise on the trail. Sarah Patterson’s sharp eyes spotted a praying mantis in the grass as we started out. The trail took us
along several old stone walls and a babbling brook, and through a field of wildflowers. Many varieties of fungi were also observed as we walked through the woods. Several of us enjoyed having our lunch at the pavilion after the hike. A great fall outing!

Photos by Scott Fielder, Betsy O’Brien and Tracy Verma.

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