October 19th, 2021 – Wilber Park

Report by Sarah Patterson.  Twenty hikers met at the top of Youngman Ave. to hike the logging roads in the Glenwood Creek section of Wilber Park. The old mountain bike trails have been obliterated by the recent logging that has occurred, but the loggers have smoothed out the roads as compared to earlier this year. We hiked in and followed the road up to the top, stopping along the way as it is a decent ascent. The day was pleasantly cool and the sun did manage to appear. We had a new member, Ed, join us, as well as Ken, Tracy’s guest who lives on Youngman Ave. and Janice’s guest who lives nearby.  We continued on down, crossed the logging road, and took the lower route back to the cars, which overlooks the creek and a small pond. There is a large downed tree where Paul had built a stile to help get over it, much to everyone’s appreciation.  I told everyone we would see the Anthropocene Era in full effect, meaning that the logging job was messy.  However, the woods were still very enjoyable. 

Photos by Scott Fielder, Janice Downie and Irene Jervis.

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