November 2nd, 2021 – Milford State Forest

Report by Aleda Koehn.  A lovely November morning greeted 17 Susquehanna hikers for an easy walk in Milford State Forest.  We entered the trail past the gate just below the intersection of Kelly Corners Road and the north side of State Land Road.  Although the taller trees had mostly lost their leaves, much of the lower level, especially the beeches, gave color to the surrounding woods.  Many of us had skied this trail in the past.  The trail makes a loop through the woods and comes out in a field.  We stopped to admire the many types of lichens growing by the path. One could connect to our entrance trail by continuing uphill.  Instead, we walked out to the road and took a short side trip on the south side of the State Land Road to the beaver pond.  As we approached, we startled a flock of Canada geese who noisily took off and flew away, probably to another nearby pond.  All in all, about a two mile hike.

Photos by Scott Fielder and Mike Rothbart.   

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