November 30th, 2021 – Homer Folks State Forest

Report by Jendy Murphy.  For the hike on the last day of November 2021, twenty-three of us tramped through a crust of snow on a brisk but sunny day at Homer Folks State Forest in Oneonta. Homer Folks was a NYS tuberculosis sanatorium from 1935-1973, when the trails were closed to the public so patients could get out in the fresh air safely. Oneonta is so lucky to have access to these wonderful trails today. We followed the double track loop for about 2 1/2 miles, discussing the Cold War era bunker situated somewhere in the facility, and stopping for a photo on the edge of the large field above Suncrest Terrace now known as Strawberry Field.  Years ago, local residents called this “Hamm’s Field,” after the original owner. Back at the water towers, we extended our walk by taking a fork toward the power line and back, and hearing about previous cross-country ski outings here and hikes on the Goat Loop bike trail across the power line on private property.

Photos by Scott Fielder

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