March 15th, 2022 – Lower Riddell State Park

Report by Lucille Wiggin.  The Tue., March 15th hike at Riddell State Park was on a beautiful day that brought out twenty-one walkers.  Linda Pearce led the “more energetic” folks on the longer, hilly walk while three of us “old timers” stayed on the level.  The snow had melted to about two inches and the ground was still frozen so the walking was great.  What I forgot to tell the group was that I had seen a flock of robins there when checking out conditions on Monday.

Added note by Linda Pearce.  As several of us were on our way back to the parking lot, we met up with a group from the NYS Parks and Recreation Division, including the man who oversees both Riddell State Park and Gilbert Lake State Park, as well as two college students.  They were there to mark areas along the Schenevus Creek where trees might be planted to prevent against bank erosion.  We mentioned to them that there is one particular area that stays extremely wet all year, making it very difficult to cross, and asked if they would be able to make it more accessible.  They said they would check it out.

Photos by Janice Downie.  The photo of the church steeple is the Cooperstown Junction Methodist Church on Rt. 7 as seen from Riddell Park.

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