April 5th, 2022 – Clark Tower, Cooperstown

Report by Sarah Patterson.  We had twenty-two people sign up for the hike to Clark Tower and we welcomed a guest, and potential new member, Carol. The day started chilly but warmed up quickly as the sun came out.  We hiked up the old carriage road and made the left up to the Tower where Ambrose Clark’s favorite dog and favorite horse are buried. Lucille reminded us that Mr. Clark is there, too!  We continued on an old carriage road and followed a modified version of the trail on the AllTrails App. We saw the old water tank, had a small agility test crossing a wet section and took in the many little water falls made by the several beaver dams. We traversed to the lower carriage road and followed it back to where we started for a total of 3.2 miles. Several people remarked that they hadn’t been on this hike before and were very happy they came. 

Photos by Scott Fielder and Janice Downie.

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