April 10th, 2022 – College Camp

Report by Jared Stanley.  On Sunday, 12 hikers explored portions of the yellow, green and red trails at SUNY Oneonta’s College camp. Throughout the 1.5-mile hike, we experienced all the typical weather our region has to offer in the month of April – snow, wind, blue skies and sunshine.  Due to the recent rain storms in our area, the streams were flowing and the trails were soft in some areas.  We also had the chance to view the old tow bar foundations for the former ski center on the property. For all of us, this was the first time we’ve been to College Camp since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and we were excited to check this hike off the Otsego Outdoors Spring Octet.

Photos by Scott Fielder, Janice Downie and Jared Stanley

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