April 26th, 2022 – Gilbert Lake State Park

Report by Aleda Koehn.  The weather was “iffy” but 19 ADKer’s were set to hike the circle route around Ice Pond and Lake of the Twin Fawns and return by the cabin colony – about 3 miles.  There was a bit of misty rain when we started but it was mainly dry the entire trip.  We had permission to use the “handicap” parking lot and access the trail by going up from the lot and cutting down hill to join the main ponds trail.  We encountered some blown down and fallen trees as result of the heavy snow fall on April 19.  This hike was one of the Otsego Outdoors Octet Challenge activities that some were working on.  A mix-up in information resulted in two hikers taking a different turn and walking much longer than they intended.  Again, a reminder to trip leaders of the importance of clear information among the group and the problems that can occur when the group divides.  We are looking into the purchase of walkie-talkies to use on hikes that could help us communicate as necessary.

Photos by Scott Fielder.     

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