June 21st, 2022 – Goodyear Lake

Report by Linda Pearce.  The skies were cloudy, but the temperature was very comfortable for hiking on the first day of summer – June 21st.  Twenty-one people came out for the walk at Goodyear Lake.  Four people walked on the lake roads for a shorter and easier walk.  The rest of us did a 3-mile walk from our house along the RR tracks to Silliman Cove Rd. and through the woods on the south end of the lake.  As we passed the Collier’s Dam, we noticed that no water was coming over it. (See photo below)  Four days prior there was an abundant flow over the dam.  We continued on the trails through the state land, stopping at the site of the boat launch area that has a dock system suitable for handicap accessibility.  Returning to our backyard, we sat around to have our lunch, enjoy some ice cream and lots of conversation.

Photos by Marie Lusins and Betsy O’Brien.

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