August 23rd, 2022 – Van Cleft Trail, Wilber Park

Report by Sarah Patterson.  Don’t underestimate the SUSQADKers! I woke up on August 23rd around 7:00 am to rain and thunder and thought, “uh oh!” Consulting with Diane and Linda, we decided to meet and take an easier hike on the roads in Wilber. But, NO! Not to be “VerKlemp”, 27 hikers showed up and 23 of us went up the hill to the Van Cleft Trail while 4 did the lower loop. We welcomed Robin, who wanted to see where the Van Cleft was. Also, Ruth’s friend, Mary, and Rosemary, who is now back in Oneonta. It turned out to be a beautiful morning for a hike. Not too warm and glimpses of sun. We started up the Blue trail to the Orange trail and took the switch backs to mitigate the steepness. We reached the Van Cleft and continued up but, unfortunately, bothered a ground bee hive so some hikers got stung. No one the worse for wear, apparently. We are a hardy bunch! We continued up and around on the Van Cleft loop and came back around to the Orange trail and took the switch backs on the return. All in all, approximately 2 miles in about 1 ½ hours. A lot uphill! I will never underestimate the SUSQADKers and will always bring my poles! 

Photos by Scott Fielder.

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