Emmons Pond Bog – September 6, 2022

Report by Jendy Murphy and Paul Wehren.  On an eerily beautiful, misty, late summer morning, seventeen hikers circled the Emmons Pond Bog along the mile and a half trail.  Since it had rained a lot the day before, the tall grasses and goldenrod at the beginning and end of the loop pretty well drenched everyone’s legs. Despite, or even because of the conditions, spirits were high and we all enjoyed ourselves. About half way around, we explored a pretty waterfall, some folks gazing from above and others clambering down for a closer view. Alert hikers noticed QR codes attached to trees along the way. These link to interesting information about the bog today, local beaver activity, and even forests of the past. https://suny.oneonta.edu/science-discovery-center/Emmons-Pond. Several people say they look forward to hiking again at this fascinating place.

Photos by Tom Austin, Janice Downie and Jendy Murphy.

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