New Island – September 13, 2022

Report by Aleda Koehn.  On a day of uncertain weather, fifteen intrepid ADKers walked the newly paved path through Catella park, across the I-88 off and on ramps, and onto the grassy slope leading to the trail toward New Island.  Goldenrod of many species in full bloom, displays of giant pokeweed with red stems and purple-black berries, many kinds of asters – white and shades of lavender. We stopped to read the interpretive sign that honors John New.   Up and down on the Mad Woodchuck Trail – at one point it is very close to I-88.  We heard a few rumbles of thunder and as we approached the dam it started to rain – hard!  What to do?  We went down to view the water going over the dam.  Much has changed since the high water of April and the path that led across the brook seems to have disappeared.  No shortcut for us!  Back to the Mad Woodchuck and a rainy return.  In spite of the heavy rain – it was a warm rain – we had a fun hike and all of us, with varying amounts of wetness, happily returned to dry cars.  

Photos by Janice Downie.

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