Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park – September 20, 2022

Report by Linda Pearce.  As we gathered in the parking lot at Sunset Pavilion a light mist was in the air which became a light drizzle for the first portion of our hike.  This didn’t dampen the spirits of the twenty-two hikers as we trekked along the 2.7 mile Andy’s Trail that goes around the perimeter of Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park.  This 229 acre property is like a hidden gem in Otsego County.  Our walk took us on rolling forest trails, along a woodland stream, into a field of goldenrod, purple asters and black-eyed Susans, through a conifer plantation and along old stone walls.  A few people stayed after the hike to eat lunch at the pavilion.

Group photo by Janice Downie.

All other photos by Jennifer Hyypio.

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