Andes Rail Trail and Bullet Spur – November 22, 2022

Report by Tom and Roberta Austin.  Sixteen hikers, including one new person, who has subsequently joined our chapter, hiked the trails. The plan allowed for an easy walk of 1.6 miles, which a couple of folks accomplished. The rail trail portion has some very nice overlook views of farm land, stream, and stream overflow area. Ducks were spotted on the overflow water. The rest of the group did the more challenging rail trail and spur, totaling about 3.9 miles and taking the group 2.5 hours to complete. Along the way, we took the group picture on what we called fern rock. A little further up the trail, is what we called moss rock, which housed the neat icicles. People commented on the nice trail and the multiple habitats and types of trees included on the hike. After the trail loop, just before retracing our path back, we shared some candy corn “gorp”.  Hikers had seconds at the end of the hike.

Photos by Tom Austin and Tracy Verma

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