Upper Riddell State Park    November 29, 2022

Report by Liza Mundy.  Twenty-three hikers made their way to a grove of hemlock trees, led by Jeff O’Handley, OCCA Program Director, and Devin Merkley from Mohican Farm/Clark Foundation. The purpose was to identify the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, an invasive species that has been found in the hemlocks there, as well as other areas in Otsego County. (See photo below). They emphasized the reporting of findings, or not, on the NY Imapinvasives website. We then proceeded to the waterfall, some venturing down a steep embankment to view this beauty. Upon returning back to the main trail, four hikers attempted to further the hike to Mud Lake. It was unfortunate that the trail was longer than expected and they returned before reaching the lake.

In addition to the group that hiked Upper Riddell, four people walked the trails in Lower Riddell Park.

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