Hamden Rail Trail  – February 7, 2023

Report by Tom and Roberta Austin.  On a day of predicted wintery mix of precipitation, twenty-four hikers walked the “Hamden Rail Trail” in bright sunshine with warmer than normal winter temperatures. The railroad bed path curves along the West Branch of the Delaware River and is part of the Ontario & Western Line which ran in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. The group walked out 2.25 miles, ever so close to the Delaware County transfer station just around the next corner. We wondered how close we were and after the trip I was told about 0.1 mile. Along the way there is considerable evidence of recent beaver tree harvesting activity, although from our railroad bed view, no beaver house was spotted on the river. On the return trip, most of the group were treated to a perched bald eagle. A number of us went for lunch together following the walk at the Shire Pub in Delhi.

Group photos by Allen and Mary Taylor.

River photo by Laura Sause. Eagle photo and map by Jim Austin.

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