SUNY Trails – March 28, 2023  

Report by Peggy Palmer.  Despite dire weather predictions, March 28th turned out to be above freezing and sunny – a welcome change.  Trail conditions had improved considerably from only the day before. The snow was granular and had radically melted, a great improvement from the slippery, slushy mush of the day before. The hike mainly made use of the red trail, but included a couple of other loops. We turned around at the bench at the gas line overlook, located between SUNY and the college camp lodge.   Twenty-four people started from the upper SUNY playing field and diminished in number as some took a shorter trail back.  The hike was about 3.5 miles long. Everyone appreciated the sun and the chance to get out.  

Photos by Janice Downie, Jendy Murphy and Scott Fielder.

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