Table Rock, Hartwick College – April 25, 2023

Report by Peggy Palmer.  We passed a sign-up sheet around for the Hartwick College Trail Committee and explained that because of liability and their need to know about trail use, people need to sign up at their web site ( before they take a hike on Hartwick property. We very much appreciate their support of the trails.

Thirty people showed up to take the walk above Hartwick College. After ascending the road up the hill to Strawberry Field, the group split up into two groups. One group turned around at Strawberry Field and enjoyed winding their way back to Table Rock. The other group made a loop around Strawberry Field, avoiding the heavy machinery that was shredding wood removed for the installation of solar panels. Leaving the noise, we entered the woods and followed several trails to Table Rock avoiding the exposed trail along the cliff edge. We met up with the other group who had recently arrived. Some took pictures and we all looked at the view of the West End of Oneonta and beyond, as well as the Interstate. After enjoying the view, we descended to the cars. The hike lasted one and a half hours and covered at most about 2.55 miles.

Photos by Scott Fielder,  Betsy O’Brien and Janice Downie.

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