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Wilber Park – Sept. 22, 2020

Report by Currie Marr. On April 28, 2019 Allison Collins reported in the Daily Star that about 30 members of the SUNY Oneonta swim teams, college staff, Oneonta Susquehanna Greenway Committee would work with Otsego County forester, Joe Sweeney, to build a multi-use trail within the “Van Cleft” Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary.    One and a half years later, 19Continue reading “Wilber Park – Sept. 22, 2020”

Lower Riddell State Park – September 1st, 2020

Tuesday’s hike was at lower Riddell State Park. There were 15 hikers gathered at 10:00 to begin. No rain in the forecast and thankfully the weatherman was correct. We walked around the perimeter. Report by Ruth Schaeffer. Photos by Irene Jervis and Ruth Schaeffer.

ADK Susquehanna Chapter Picnic, Fortin Park – Aug. 19th, 2020

On August 19 twenty- five Susquehanna Chapter members happily got together for a picnic. We met at Fortin Park at the far end under the trees.  What started as a small circle got larger and larger as more people arrived.  Each brought their own chair, food and drink – and wore a mask when not eating! Continue reading “ADK Susquehanna Chapter Picnic, Fortin Park – Aug. 19th, 2020”

Oneonta Greenway – August 18th, 2020

Maureen Dresser led the group of hikers at the Greenway in Oneonta that runs along a portion of the Susquehanna River. Group photo by Fred Johnson.  Other photos by Irene Jervis.

Downie Property- July 28, 2020

Report by Janice Downie Nineteen members hiked to a Deserter’s Cave. It was an uphill climb in thick woods. Bruce Downieprovided the background story, handed down by family members, about the Civil War deserter. Photos by Irene Jervis and Janice Downie

Homer Folk’s State Forest – January 14, 2020

Report by Genda L. Bolton – And how do you take your “Coffee?” “Black!” For that winter morning jolt, on January 14, ADK members enjoyed a large mug trekking along the Black Coffee trail at Homer Folk’s State Forest. Along the hike we were delighted by lush green moss blanketing spectacular rock formations. An unusual treeContinue reading “Homer Folk’s State Forest – January 14, 2020”

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