Wilber Park – January 17, 2023

Report by Sarah Patterson.  Twenty-five of us met at the tennis courts to park as the upper- level gate is closed for the winter.  We planned to hike the Blue trail out and the Red trail back. Tracy and I had hiked it on Friday and it was soggy in spots with variable terrain. IContinue reading “Wilber Park – January 17, 2023”

Stamford Rail Trail – January 10, 2023

Report by Jim Ipsen. Twenty-four brave souls assembled at the trail head of the Stamford Rail Trail toward Grand Gorge, for what turned out to be a five-plus mile (round trip) hike to Mayham Lake. Our group got started after a brief history lesson about the rail line from Ron Weiss. Thank you, Ron. ItContinue reading “Stamford Rail Trail – January 10, 2023”

Fortin Park – January 3, 2023

Report by Barbara Baumann.  With temperatures in the 40s and light rain falling, twenty-three enthusiastic hikers, wearing raincoats, ponchos and/or carrying umbrellas, made their way around the former F&F Airpark’s landing/take-off field. Near the banks of the Susquehanna River we sighted mergansers. By the Charlotte Creek we noted the power of water to change itsContinue reading “Fortin Park – January 3, 2023”

Susquehanna Greenway      December 13, 2022

Report by Linda Pearce.  With temperatures in the teens and a cloudless blue sky, twenty-four people gathered for a brisk walk at the Susquehanna Greenway on December 13th.  As we crossed the field to the trail, we entered into what seemed like a “Winter Wonderland”.  The snowfall from the previous Sunday had clung to allContinue reading “Susquehanna Greenway      December 13, 2022”

Gilbert Lake State Park     December 6, 2022

Report by Bill and Kathy Holmstrom.  Despite the cold, wet weather, 22 hikers showed up for today’s outing at Gilbert Lake State Park. Because deer hunting season is still open, we confined our walks to the lake perimeter trail and road. Thirteen hikers took the 2.2-mile CCC Road and then walked the Lake Trail forContinue reading “Gilbert Lake State Park     December 6, 2022”

Upper Riddell State Park    November 29, 2022

Report by Liza Mundy.  Twenty-three hikers made their way to a grove of hemlock trees, led by Jeff O’Handley, OCCA Program Director, and Devin Merkley from Mohican Farm/Clark Foundation. The purpose was to identify the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, an invasive species that has been found in the hemlocks there, as well as other areas inContinue reading “Upper Riddell State Park    November 29, 2022”

Andes Rail Trail and Bullet Spur – November 22, 2022

Report by Tom and Roberta Austin.  Sixteen hikers, including one new person, who has subsequently joined our chapter, hiked the trails. The plan allowed for an easy walk of 1.6 miles, which a couple of folks accomplished. The rail trail portion has some very nice overlook views of farm land, stream, and stream overflow area.Continue reading “Andes Rail Trail and Bullet Spur – November 22, 2022”

Star Field, Cooperstown – November 15, 2022 

Report by Peggy Palmer.  The hike to Star Field started out chilly, but 23 people braved the first really cold weather this fall to make the hike. We circled around the field and had a great view of Lake Otsego which everybody appreciated. The hike follows an old road eliminating the usual roots, making easy walking. However,Continue reading “Star Field, Cooperstown – November 15, 2022 “

Gilbert Lake State Park – November 8, 2022

Report by Carolyn and Jim Austin.  It was a chilly start for the twenty members who walked one side of Gilbert Lake and then to the cabin area.  We meandered along the cabin roads and back to the swimming end of the lake.  After walking along the other side of the lake we went through the fieldContinue reading “Gilbert Lake State Park – November 8, 2022”