March 23rd, 2021 -New Island Trail

Report by Tracy Verma.  Nine people attended our hike on this cool, warming, sunny, spring day, peeling off layers as temperatures rose to the 50’s.  The muddy patches had dried up somewhat since last Sunday and were manageable to get around.  We walked about 3 1/2 miles for 2 hours.   Angry Beaver was theContinue reading “March 23rd, 2021 -New Island Trail”

March 9, 2021 – Lower Riddell State Park

Report by Jendy Murphy and Paul Wehren.  On Tuesday, March 9, fifteen members hiked most of the perimeter of lower Robert V. Riddell State Park. Everyone was careful to navigate the ice, packed down and thick on many portions of the trail, where ice grippers and poles really came in handy. Our route avoided aContinue reading “March 9, 2021 – Lower Riddell State Park”

March 30, 2021 – Crumhorn Mt.

Report by Lucille Wiggin.  The March 30th hike on Crumhorn Mt. found 16 of us meeting at the blue stone quarry on Boy Scout Rd. Our walk to Crumhorn Lake was pleasant and sunny.  Although there have been various water fowl on the lake, only the mergansers and Canada geese greeted us today.  We were surprisedContinue reading “March 30, 2021 – Crumhorn Mt.”

March 2nd, 2021 – Wilber Park

Report by Currie Marr.  Hiking conditions in Wilber Park were not promising. A cold front came through the night before lowering morning temperatures to 9 degrees F, and the prevailing cycle of alternating warm – freezing temperatures left extensive patches of ice on the paths and roads. Nevertheless, 6 people gathered to walk at the north endContinue reading “March 2nd, 2021 – Wilber Park”

February 23rd, 2021 -Gilbert Lake State Park

Report by Liza Mundy. Thirteen ADKers met on a mild winter day after a fresh snowfall at Gilbert Lake.  Most of the walkers wore snowshoes and made their way around the frozen lake on the mile long trail.  A few strollers, who pulled up the rear, enjoyed the famous Charlie Brown tree decorated for Valentine’sContinue reading “February 23rd, 2021 -Gilbert Lake State Park”

Oneonta Greenway – January 5th, 2021

Report by Aleda Koehn.  Nineteen ADKer’s came to the Greenway on a cold and very cloudy day to enjoy a walk.  The trail was snowy from a recent storm, but prior footsteps made a walkable path.  We were greeted by Mike Forster-Rothbart, who was taking photos for the Hometown newspaper.  He took many shots ofContinue reading “Oneonta Greenway – January 5th, 2021”

SUNY Oneonta – December 29th 2020

Report by Lucille Wiggin.  The hike turned out much better than expected for the 12 masked walkers who met in SUNY Oneonta’s parking lot.  At 9:45am we were having a “white out’ and the leader was wondering if anyone would show up.  However, as we met and signed in the sun came out and theContinue reading “SUNY Oneonta – December 29th 2020”

Neahwa Park – December 22nd, 2020

Report by Julie Smith.  Due to the 30 inch snowfall around the Oneonta area, our originally planned hike at Fortin Park was changed to Neahwa Park.  The displays along the way that were set-up by many Oneonta businesses and organizations at The Festival of Lights offered our 14 ADKers much delight as we walked theContinue reading “Neahwa Park – December 22nd, 2020”

Lower Riddell State Park – December 15, 2020

Trip report by Linda Pearce.   Sixteen ADKers came out this chilly morning to hike at Lower Riddell State Park. The sun shone at times and conditions were good for walking with just a dusting of snow in some places.  The trail took us through the woods where we encountered some blow-down, then out alongContinue reading “Lower Riddell State Park – December 15, 2020”