Gilbert Lake State Park – August 25, 2020

Trip report by Aleda Koehn On August 25, 18 Susquehanna Chapter hikers met at Gilbert Lake State Park.  Three chose to take the very pleasant walk around the lake.  The remaining 15, led by Currie Marr who knew the best route from the parking lot, took a series of several trails including Red Pine, Deer Run,Continue reading “Gilbert Lake State Park – August 25, 2020”

ADK Susquehanna Chapter Picnic, Fortin Park – Aug. 19th, 2020

On August 19 twenty- five Susquehanna Chapter members happily got together for a picnic. We met at Fortin Park at the far end under the trees.  What started as a small circle got larger and larger as more people arrived.  Each brought their own chair, food and drink – and wore a mask when not eating! Continue reading “ADK Susquehanna Chapter Picnic, Fortin Park – Aug. 19th, 2020”

New Island Trail – August 11th, 2020

Thirteen Susquehanna hikers meet at Catella Park at  9:00  AM for a hike to New Island.  This hike was rescheduled from the prior Tuesday when the hurricane soaked Oneonta with much-needed rain. The day was sunny and getting hotter.  Most of the walk was along trails in the shade, and although humid it was relativelyContinue reading “New Island Trail – August 11th, 2020”

Goodyear Lake – July 21st 2020

Report by Linda Pearce As we carefully proceed with our hiking schedule, week by week, several ADKers, looking like bandits, came to enjoy a walk at Goodyear Lake. Adhering to COVID guidelines, we all wore masks and practiced social distancing. Julie Smith led a group of six on a shorter and easier walk on theContinue reading “Goodyear Lake – July 21st 2020”

Wilber Park – July 14th, 2020

Report by Currie Marr: Due to Covid-19, the Wilber Park hike, July 14, was the first scheduled hike to actually occur since mid-March.  Twenty people were eager to escape the confinement of home and join friends to walk selected bike paths that followed the Oneonta Creek, back of the High School, and return to theContinue reading “Wilber Park – July 14th, 2020”

Crumhorn Mountain – January 21, 2020

Report by Lucille Wiggen – Cold morning temperatures prompted 17 of us to delay meeting until 2:00 at the Crumhorn Boy Scout Camp (Henderson Scout Reservation) parking lot. From there we walked on the modern roads around the lake until we picked up the original carriage road across the south end. Back in the ScoutContinue reading “Crumhorn Mountain – January 21, 2020”

Homer Folk’s State Forest – January 14, 2020

Report by Genda L. Bolton – And how do you take your “Coffee?” “Black!” For that winter morning jolt, on January 14, ADK members enjoyed a large mug trekking along the Black Coffee trail at Homer Folk’s State Forest. Along the hike we were delighted by lush green moss blanketing spectacular rock formations. An unusual treeContinue reading “Homer Folk’s State Forest – January 14, 2020”

Lower Riddell State Park – January 7, 2020

Report by Linda Pearce – Our first hike for 2020, Jan. 7th at Lower Riddell State Park, was very enjoyable – the temperature hovered around 30 degrees and the trails were in good shape for walking with just a trace of snow. Twenty-four people came out, and for most of us, it was our first hikeContinue reading “Lower Riddell State Park – January 7, 2020”