Wilber Park – February 21, 2023

Report by Tracy Verma.  On February 21, twenty-seven hikers enjoyed walking the lower, easier sections of Wilber Park. Luckily the weather was great, with no snow, ice or slippery mud, and we enjoyed the sunshine. We viewed the graveyard of two Oneonta Fire Dept. mascot dogs with engraved granite stones from the 1930’s and 1950’s, whichContinue reading “Wilber Park – February 21, 2023”

Oneonta Greenway – February 14, 2023

Report by Jendy Murphy and Paul Wehren.  It must have been the sunny blue skies and temperatures around 40 degrees that brought out thirty-two hikers at the Oneonta Greenway on Silas Lane. Unusual weather for February in upstate New York, but everyone seemed to enjoy it, and maybe even need it! It was nice toContinue reading “Oneonta Greenway – February 14, 2023”

Hamden Rail Trail  – February 7, 2023

Report by Tom and Roberta Austin.  On a day of predicted wintery mix of precipitation, twenty-four hikers walked the “Hamden Rail Trail” in bright sunshine with warmer than normal winter temperatures. The railroad bed path curves along the West Branch of the Delaware River and is part of the Ontario & Western Line which ranContinue reading “Hamden Rail Trail  – February 7, 2023”

Riddell State Park – January 31, 2023

Report by Linda Pearce.  With a fresh light snow on the ground, twenty-two hikers gathered at the Lower Riddell State Park.  A group of seven, led by Ed Pixley, took the more level and shorter trail that basically goes around the fields where crops have been planted in season.  Along the way they came uponContinue reading “Riddell State Park – January 31, 2023”

New Island Forest Trail – January 24, 2023

Report by Jim and Carolyn Austin.  Oneonta had 8 inches of snowfall on January 23, so it was suggested that members wear snowshoes or crampons for the hike.  Twenty-three hikers signed in, and four decided to walk around Neahwa Park.  The rest of us headed off through Catella Park to New Island.  The temperature wasContinue reading “New Island Forest Trail – January 24, 2023”

Wilber Park – January 17, 2023

Report by Sarah Patterson.  Twenty-five of us met at the tennis courts to park as the upper- level gate is closed for the winter.  We planned to hike the Blue trail out and the Red trail back. Tracy and I had hiked it on Friday and it was soggy in spots with variable terrain. IContinue reading “Wilber Park – January 17, 2023”

Stamford Rail Trail – January 10, 2023

Report by Jim Ipsen. Twenty-four brave souls assembled at the trail head of the Stamford Rail Trail toward Grand Gorge, for what turned out to be a five-plus mile (round trip) hike to Mayham Lake. Our group got started after a brief history lesson about the rail line from Ron Weiss. Thank you, Ron. ItContinue reading “Stamford Rail Trail – January 10, 2023”

Fortin Park – January 3, 2023

Report by Barbara Baumann.  With temperatures in the 40s and light rain falling, twenty-three enthusiastic hikers, wearing raincoats, ponchos and/or carrying umbrellas, made their way around the former F&F Airpark’s landing/take-off field. Near the banks of the Susquehanna River we sighted mergansers. By the Charlotte Creek we noted the power of water to change itsContinue reading “Fortin Park – January 3, 2023”

Susquehanna Greenway      December 13, 2022

Report by Linda Pearce.  With temperatures in the teens and a cloudless blue sky, twenty-four people gathered for a brisk walk at the Susquehanna Greenway on December 13th.  As we crossed the field to the trail, we entered into what seemed like a “Winter Wonderland”.  The snowfall from the previous Sunday had clung to allContinue reading “Susquehanna Greenway      December 13, 2022”