Wilber Park – July 14th, 2020

Report by Currie Marr: Due to Covid-19, the Wilber Park hike, July 14, was the first scheduled hike to actually occur since mid-March.  Twenty people were eager to escape the confinement of home and join friends to walk selected bike paths that followed the Oneonta Creek, back of the High School, and return to theContinue reading “Wilber Park – July 14th, 2020”

Gilbert Lake Snowshoe – Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Report by Norma Lee Havens – – ADKers were amazed to see the amount of snow at Gilbert Lake on the hike of Tuesday, March 5th. As we drove up to the Park from Oneonta there was virtually no snow on the surrounding fields and along the road but upon turning into the Park it wasContinue reading “Gilbert Lake Snowshoe – Tuesday, March 5, 2013”