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Below are the scheduled hikes for Winter/Spring 2020. The schedule is subject to change due to weather or other circumstances. Updates to the schedule will be posted on this page and sent via the chapter email list. Photos and hike details will also be posted to the chapter’s Facebook page.


Ratings are subjective and chosen by the leader. If you are uncertain that you are up to the hike, consult the leader. Tuesday outings are walks.

Class A – Difficult: More than 1500’ climb or more than 8 miles distance. More than 35 miles on the bike.

Class B – Moderate: Less than 1500’ climb and 6 to 8 miles total distance. 10-30 miles on bike.

Class C – Easy: Well-graded trails and less than 6 miles total distance. 10 miles or less by bike, suitable for beginners.

Walk: Less than 4 miles total distance, suitable for children.

Feb 11, Hobart – Stamford Rail Trail – The hike on Tuesday, Feb.11, will be on the Catskill Scenic Rail Trail, starting in Hobart and walking toward Stamford. The walk will start at 10:00am, hiking total around two hours.
Directions: Turn onto Cornell Ave. from Rt 10 when you reach Hobart. Park near the Fire Station at the picnic area. Carpool from Hannafords leaving at 9:15. Call Bob or Julie at 432-8642 with questions.

Feb 18 – Roberta Austin, 435-1319, Bloomville Rail Trail

Feb 19 – Monthly Meeting Doug and Scott Fielder will show photographs Hike will be at Gilbert Lake St. Park. We will do the trail that makes a loop around Ice Pond and Twin Fawns and return past the Cabins. I will meet you at the South end parking lot at 10 AM.
If you want to car pool, meet at the old Ames west end parking lot ready to leave at 9:40. Bring a snack or water if you want.
As of Sunday – trails have 3-4 inches of snow but packed to 1 inch or so with foot prints and ski trails. (Deeper in woods) Boots would be fine, could use snow shoes if you want but not necessary. I suggest hiking poles. As of Sunday it was very ski-able although not deep, with fresh tracks of today’s skiers.
Bit thin under evergreens, and somewhat lumpy in places. Tuesday ski conditions may be different with temps going up and the possibility of some rain.
Would bring ski wax if planning to ski. Questions: Call Aleda Koehn (607) 267-4586
of their trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in October 2018. They only had one week, but saw a variety of features and weather in the parks. This trip also showed that much is accessible in the parks even if you have mobility issues.

Feb 25 – Rod & Sally Hebbard, 829-5811, Franklin Mt.

Mar 3 – Glenda Bolton, 432-7485, Lower Riddell St. Park

Mar 10 – Barbara Baumann, 432-4334, Fortin Park

Mar 17 – Liza Mundy, 286-7609, Arnold Lake

Mar 24 – Maureen Dresser, 286-9821, Greenway, Oneonta

Mar 18 – Monthly Meeting Sarah Coney received a B.S. in Biology from SUNY Oneonta and is currently finishing her Masters. She has been the assistant coordinator for the Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership’s Water Shed Steward Program for the past three years.
She will present a program that considers how dams across the Susquehanna River currently prevent American eels from returning to this watershed. The loss of American eels has resulted in other impacts to our local ecosystems, including decrease in the riverine pearly mussel – Easter Elliptio – and the increase of the invasive rusty crayfish – Faxionus rusticus.
Rusty Crayfish densities have apparent negative consequences to the yellow lamp mussel – Lampsilis cariosa, a species of greatest conservation need.

Mar 31 – Currie & Ginny Marr, 432-5434, Wilber Park, Oneonta

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