The Susquehanna Chapter meets once a month on the third Wednesday in the evening. Most meetings are held at the Elm Park United Methodist Church rooms at 401 Chestnut Street in Oneonta starting at 6 P.M.with a covered dish supper. For those not attending the supper, the program starts at 7 P.M. And it is followed by the business meeting. All interested persons may attend a meeting, both members and non-members. Your executive committee, wishing to reduce our carbon footprint, encourages members from outside Oneonta to carpool to meetings and activities.

September 21st – “The Oneonta Susquehanna Greenway: Past, Present and Future.”   Two decades of history and progress of the OSG will be described by Donna Vogler (Professor Emeritus and Chair of the OSG Committee) with maps and photos.  Next Al Cleinman (Cleinman Performance Partners and incoming Chair of the Future for Oneonta Foundation FOF) will provide an overview of FOF’s new strategic plan and a variety of projects on which FOF is working. 

October 19th – Scott Fielder will present “Hiking in the Time of COVID”.   As may you recall, after a few months of isolation, we resumed our Tuesday hikes, first with masks, and then “social distancing”.  Scott will share photos of places we went and things we saw. 

November 16th – Jeff O’Handley, Otsego County Conservation Program Director, will present and provide training to educate us on the monitoring of Terrestrial Invasive Species, with a concentration on Hemlock Wooly Adelgid. This invasion of pests which have already been found in several areas of Otsego County, is spreading northward, toward the Adirondacks.

December 21st – Members from the chapter are encouraged to bring photos and video from their outings with ADK or on their own and talk about their experiences in the outdoors.

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