Outing Schedule

Hello chapter members,
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, all future weekly hikes sponsored by the Susquehanna Chapter of ADK are suspended until further notice. Friends can get together if they want, but walks and hikes will not be sponsored, advertised or promoted by the chapter. Membership will be notified when sponsored weekly hikes by the chapter resume.
~Susquehanna Chapter Executive Committee

Below are the scheduled hikes for Summer 2020. The schedule is subject to change due to weather or other circumstances. Updates to the schedule will be posted on this page and sent via the chapter email list. Photos and hike details will also be posted to the chapter’s Facebook page.

July 7 – Glenwood Trail, Oneonta – Glenda Bolton 432-7485

July 14 – Wilber Park, Oneonta – Currie & Ginny Marr 432-5434

July 21 – Milford – Goodyear Lake – Linda Pearce 432-8969

July 28 – Mt. Utsayantha, Stamford- Betsy Cunningham – 437-3758

Aug 4 – New Island Trail, Oneonta – Bob Ciganek 263-5375

Aug 11 – Fortin Park, Oneonta – Julie Smith 432-8642

Aug 18 – Greenway, Oneonta – Maureen Dresser 286-9821

Aug 25 – Mud Lake – Aleda Koehn 267-4586

Sep 1 – Neahwa Park – Jack and Jann Ewen 432-1269

Sept 8 – Arnold Lake, Milford – Liza Mundy 286-7609

Sept 15 – Lower Riddell State Park, Oneonta – Ruth Schaeffer 988-7036

Sept 22 – Woodland Walk, Jefferson – Betsy Cunningham 437-3758

Sept 29 – Homer Folks State Forest, Oneonta – Jim Austin 437-5734


Ratings are subjective and chosen by the leader. If you are uncertain that you are up to the hike, consult the leader. Tuesday outings are walks.

Class A – Difficult: More than 1500’ climb or more than 8 miles distance. More than 35 miles on the bike.

Class B – Moderate: Less than 1500’ climb and 6 to 8 miles total distance. 10-30 miles on bike.

Class C – Easy: Well-graded trails and less than 6 miles total distance. 10 miles or less by bike, suitable for beginners.

Walk: Less than 4 miles total distance, suitable for children.

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