Gilbert Lake State Park     December 6, 2022

Report by Bill and Kathy Holmstrom.  Despite the cold, wet weather, 22 hikers showed up for today’s outing at Gilbert Lake State Park. Because deer hunting season is still open, we confined our walks to the lake perimeter trail and road. Thirteen hikers took the 2.2-mile CCC Road and then walked the Lake Trail forContinue reading “Gilbert Lake State Park     December 6, 2022”

Gilbert Lake State Park – November 8, 2022

Report by Carolyn and Jim Austin.  It was a chilly start for the twenty members who walked one side of Gilbert Lake and then to the cabin area.  We meandered along the cabin roads and back to the swimming end of the lake.  After walking along the other side of the lake we went through the fieldContinue reading “Gilbert Lake State Park – November 8, 2022”

April 26th, 2022 – Gilbert Lake State Park

Report by Aleda Koehn.  The weather was “iffy” but 19 ADKer’s were set to hike the circle route around Ice Pond and Lake of the Twin Fawns and return by the cabin colony – about 3 miles.  There was a bit of misty rain when we started but it was mainly dry the entire trip. Continue reading “April 26th, 2022 – Gilbert Lake State Park”

March 8th, 2022 – Gilbert Lake State Park

Report by Aleda Koehn.  Fourteen brave ADKer’s met at the south end of Gilbert Lake State Park on a morning of about 25 degrees with a good breeze tossing about bits of snow.  On Sunday I had walked the entire route, from the parking lot, west side of lake, across the road, around the twoContinue reading “March 8th, 2022 – Gilbert Lake State Park”

November 16th, 2021 – Gilbert Lake State Park

Report by Jim and Carolyn Austin.  On a cloudy, cool November 16th, 22 hikers traveled to Gilbert Lake State Park.  From the parking lot we walked in front of the lodge and along the lake.  At the end of the lake we went into the Cabin area, and back to the lake.  We observed theContinue reading “November 16th, 2021 – Gilbert Lake State Park”

July 6th, 2021 – Gilbert Lake State Park

Report by Aleda Koehn.  Twelve hikers met at the earlier time of 9:30 at the upper parking lot above the Gilbert Lake Beach.  The day was hot and humid, and just as we were starting out we heard a rumble of thunder.  The radar had a blob of green and orange heading in our direction butContinue reading “July 6th, 2021 – Gilbert Lake State Park”

February 23rd, 2021 -Gilbert Lake State Park

Report by Liza Mundy. Thirteen ADKers met on a mild winter day after a fresh snowfall at Gilbert Lake.  Most of the walkers wore snowshoes and made their way around the frozen lake on the mile long trail.  A few strollers, who pulled up the rear, enjoyed the famous Charlie Brown tree decorated for Valentine’sContinue reading “February 23rd, 2021 -Gilbert Lake State Park”

Gilbert Lake State Park – December 1st, 2020

Trip report by Jim and Carolyn Austin.  How fortunate we were that no rain interrupted our December 1st hike at Gilbert Lake State Park.  Twenty hikers took off from the parking area, past the large pavilion, and to the Deer Run camping loops.  After meandering through those roads we went to the lake and startedContinue reading “Gilbert Lake State Park – December 1st, 2020”

Gilbert Lake State Park – November 10, 2020

Report by Aleda Koehn.   THREE PONDS AND A LAKE.   Seventeen ADK’ers arrived at the far end of Gilbert Lake on a “summer day” in November.  Five began the walk around the lake while the other twelve took the trail up and down through the woods to connect to the pond trails.  Arriving atContinue reading “Gilbert Lake State Park – November 10, 2020”

Gilbert Lake State Park – August 25, 2020

Trip report by Aleda Koehn On August 25, 18 Susquehanna Chapter hikers met at Gilbert Lake State Park.  Three chose to take the very pleasant walk around the lake.  The remaining 15, led by Currie Marr who knew the best route from the parking lot, took a series of several trails including Red Pine, Deer Run,Continue reading “Gilbert Lake State Park – August 25, 2020”