Lower (South) Riddell State Park – April 11, 2023

Report by Ed Pixley.  On Tuesday morning, April 11, twenty-three members, along with two guests, enjoyed a spectacular spring day hiking in (South) Riddell State Park. The hike included at least one lesser used trail along the western perimeter of the park.  Altogether, we hiked about 2½ miles in about an hour and forty-five minutes.  AContinue reading “Lower (South) Riddell State Park – April 11, 2023”

Riddell State Park – January 31, 2023

Report by Linda Pearce.  With a fresh light snow on the ground, twenty-two hikers gathered at the Lower Riddell State Park.  A group of seven, led by Ed Pixley, took the more level and shorter trail that basically goes around the fields where crops have been planted in season.  Along the way they came uponContinue reading “Riddell State Park – January 31, 2023”

Upper Riddell State Park    November 29, 2022

Report by Liza Mundy.  Twenty-three hikers made their way to a grove of hemlock trees, led by Jeff O’Handley, OCCA Program Director, and Devin Merkley from Mohican Farm/Clark Foundation. The purpose was to identify the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, an invasive species that has been found in the hemlocks there, as well as other areas inContinue reading “Upper Riddell State Park    November 29, 2022”

June 14th, 2022 – Lower Riddell State Park

Jann Ewen led seventeen ADKers on this easy walk through Lower Riddell State Park. We encountered NYS Parks and Recreation employees who had been preparing a portion of a field near the Schenevus Creek to be seeded with native plants. In the future, some trees will be planted in that area. Photos by Scott FielderContinue reading “June 14th, 2022 – Lower Riddell State Park”

March 15th, 2022 – Lower Riddell State Park

Report by Lucille Wiggin.  The Tue., March 15th hike at Riddell State Park was on a beautiful day that brought out twenty-one walkers.  Linda Pearce led the “more energetic” folks on the longer, hilly walk while three of us “old timers” stayed on the level.  The snow had melted to about two inches and the ground wasContinue reading “March 15th, 2022 – Lower Riddell State Park”

June 15th, 2021 – Lower Riddell State Park

Report by Ruth Schaeffer.  Fifteen hikers arrived at Lower Riddell State Park ready to hike the trails.  The forecast wasn’t the greatest, but it was still a lovely morning for a hike.  We started out going up the hill and to the left so we could go over the bridge put in by the BoyContinue reading “June 15th, 2021 – Lower Riddell State Park”

April 10th, 2021 – Mud Lake

Trip Report by Liza Mundy – Seven hikers headed to Mud Lake in Ridell State Park. Trail was poorly marked but Alltrails mapping and participants’ printout of the state park trail map led to reaching our destination successfully. We were able to view some of the first signs of spring. A Trailing Arbitus a smallContinue reading “April 10th, 2021 – Mud Lake”

March 9, 2021 – Lower Riddell State Park

Report by Jendy Murphy and Paul Wehren.  On Tuesday, March 9, fifteen members hiked most of the perimeter of lower Robert V. Riddell State Park. Everyone was careful to navigate the ice, packed down and thick on many portions of the trail, where ice grippers and poles really came in handy. Our route avoided aContinue reading “March 9, 2021 – Lower Riddell State Park”

Lower Riddell State Park – December 15, 2020

Trip report by Linda Pearce.   Sixteen ADKers came out this chilly morning to hike at Lower Riddell State Park. The sun shone at times and conditions were good for walking with just a dusting of snow in some places.  The trail took us through the woods where we encountered some blow-down, then out alongContinue reading “Lower Riddell State Park – December 15, 2020”