Susquehanna Greenway – May 16, 2023

Report by Scott Fielder.  On May 16, 2023, there were two hikes/walks on the Greenway – a wildflower walk and a faster-paced hike.  There were two separate sign-up sheets and both hikes were well attended.  Scott Fielder led the wildflower walk and on it several invasive and/or non-native species were noted and discussed.  Among theseContinue reading “Susquehanna Greenway – May 16, 2023”

Texas Schoolhouse State Forest   May 9, 2023

Report by Linda Pearce.  It was a pleasant, sunny spring morning to walk the 1.75 mi. blue trail at Texas Schoolhouse State Forest in the Town of New Lisbon.  Thirty-four hikers, including two “first-timers”, trekked down the woodland trail to the large beaver pond and over to their very impressive dam.  Some of us wereContinue reading “Texas Schoolhouse State Forest   May 9, 2023”

Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park – May 2, 2023

Report by Diane Aaronson.  The weather was somewhat questionable as we set out on Andy’s Trail, at Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park, on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.  Twenty-five people met at the parking lot near the Sunset Pavilion.  Rain was not forecast until afternoon, however we did encounter some light rain, snow showers, sunContinue reading “Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park – May 2, 2023”

Table Rock, Hartwick College – April 25, 2023

Report by Peggy Palmer.  We passed a sign-up sheet around for the Hartwick College Trail Committee and explained that because of liability and their need to know about trail use, people need to sign up at their web site ( before they take a hike on Hartwick property. We very much appreciate their support ofContinue reading “Table Rock, Hartwick College – April 25, 2023”

SUNY College Camp – April 18, 2023

Report by Jim Austin.  On a cool April 18th morning, thirty-two hikers converged on SUNY College Camp for our weekly hike.  Three members walked the road to the pond and lodge and around that area.  Twenty-nine of us hiked trails for 3.2 miles that went up some hilly sections and traversed the camp property.  WeContinue reading “SUNY College Camp – April 18, 2023”

Lower (South) Riddell State Park – April 11, 2023

Report by Ed Pixley.  On Tuesday morning, April 11, twenty-three members, along with two guests, enjoyed a spectacular spring day hiking in (South) Riddell State Park. The hike included at least one lesser used trail along the western perimeter of the park.  Altogether, we hiked about 2½ miles in about an hour and forty-five minutes.  AContinue reading “Lower (South) Riddell State Park – April 11, 2023”

SUNY Trails – March 28, 2023  

Report by Peggy Palmer.  Despite dire weather predictions, March 28th turned out to be above freezing and sunny – a welcome change.  Trail conditions had improved considerably from only the day before. The snow was granular and had radically melted, a great improvement from the slippery, slushy mush of the day before. The hike mainlyContinue reading “SUNY Trails – March 28, 2023  “

Neahwa Park – March 21, 2023

Report by Ruby Rogan.  Our hike in Neahwa Park was on a beautiful, sunny, and at times, windy day!  We had thirty-one people, four of whom joined us for their first hike with ADK and perhaps will become members. We walked the pathways of Catella and Neahwa Parks, the Memorial Walkway and the Mill Race. We stopped toContinue reading “Neahwa Park – March 21, 2023”

Fortin Park – March 7, 2023

Report by Barb Baumann.  Filling our senses Tuesday morning was the sound of 23 pairs of feet crunching on snow, the sight of bright sunlight reflecting off the snow-covered ground and the feel of cold wind in our faces. We saw buds on a black willow tree, turkey and goose tracks near the waters ofContinue reading “Fortin Park – March 7, 2023”