Neahwa Park – December 22nd, 2020

Report by Julie Smith.  Due to the 30 inch snowfall around the Oneonta area, our originally planned hike at Fortin Park was changed to Neahwa Park.  The displays along the way that were set-up by many Oneonta businesses and organizations at The Festival of Lights offered our 14 ADKers much delight as we walked theContinue reading “Neahwa Park – December 22nd, 2020”

Lower Riddell State Park – December 15, 2020

Trip report by Linda Pearce.   Sixteen ADKers came out this chilly morning to hike at Lower Riddell State Park. The sun shone at times and conditions were good for walking with just a dusting of snow in some places.  The trail took us through the woods where we encountered some blow-down, then out alongContinue reading “Lower Riddell State Park – December 15, 2020”

Gilbert Lake State Park – December 1st, 2020

Trip report by Jim and Carolyn Austin.  How fortunate we were that no rain interrupted our December 1st hike at Gilbert Lake State Park.  Twenty hikers took off from the parking area, past the large pavilion, and to the Deer Run camping loops.  After meandering through those roads we went to the lake and startedContinue reading “Gilbert Lake State Park – December 1st, 2020”

Goey Pond, Milford -November 17, 2020

Report by Liza Mundy.  On Nov. 17th, seventeen bundled hikers headed out in light snow to Goey Pond in Milford. Many of the hikers were acquainted with the secluded lake while some were not aware of its existence. At one time, not so long ago, it was the main water source for Milford, henceforth, makingContinue reading “Goey Pond, Milford -November 17, 2020”

Gilbert Lake State Park – November 10, 2020

Report by Aleda Koehn.   THREE PONDS AND A LAKE.   Seventeen ADK’ers arrived at the far end of Gilbert Lake on a “summer day” in November.  Five began the walk around the lake while the other twelve took the trail up and down through the woods to connect to the pond trails.  Arriving atContinue reading “Gilbert Lake State Park – November 10, 2020”

Lower Reservoir Road, Oneonta – Nov. 3, 2020

Report by Janice Downie.  Eighteen ADK folks hiked three miles on a windy, 35 degree morning at Lower Reservoir Rd., Oneonta.  A steep hill climb led us to an “ancient” White Oak Tree, over 100 years old, and measuring 15’4” in circumference.  The hike continued into dense, wet woods, along old rock walls, and acrossContinue reading “Lower Reservoir Road, Oneonta – Nov. 3, 2020”

Lower Riddell State Park – October 27, 2020

Report by Ruth Schaeffer.  The hike on Tues., Oct.27 was at Lower Riddell State Park.  Fourteen people hiked the trails and enjoyed a few breaks of sunshine.  The temperature was just right for a fall hike. We walked onto the bridge and played “the stick game”. From one side of the bridge, we tossed our sticksContinue reading “Lower Riddell State Park – October 27, 2020”

Wilber Park – October 13, 2020

Report by Tracy Verma.  On a gray morning with a very light, unimposing, gentle mist of rain, 9 ADK hikers went up Wilber Park Drop Trail, then turned north on the black trail and down the yellow to the blue trail. The trail was a little hard to follow due to fresh leaf fall, butContinue reading “Wilber Park – October 13, 2020”