Lower Reservoir Rd., Deserter’s Hiding Place – October 4, 2022

Report by Janice Downie.  It was a cool, crisp, cloudy October 4th when eighteen ADK hikers began ascending to the “Deserter’s Hiding Place” on Upper East St. in Oneonta. Bruce Downie gave a brief history of the legend of the Civil War Deserter who, in 1864, supposedly spent the winter in this cave. It wasContinue reading “Lower Reservoir Rd., Deserter’s Hiding Place – October 4, 2022”

Mud Lake Trail, Riddell State Park – September 27, 2022

Report by Bill and Kathy Holmstrom. Twenty-one hikers, including ADK members and a few guests headed off towards Mud Lake from the Pine Lake parking area at 9:15 AM. Ken, a local resident who’d grown up in the area and was intimately familiar with the trails and park history, joined us for the hike andContinue reading “Mud Lake Trail, Riddell State Park – September 27, 2022”

Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park – September 20, 2022

Report by Linda Pearce.  As we gathered in the parking lot at Sunset Pavilion a light mist was in the air which became a light drizzle for the first portion of our hike.  This didn’t dampen the spirits of the twenty-two hikers as we trekked along the 2.7 mile Andy’s Trail that goes around theContinue reading “Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park – September 20, 2022”

New Island – September 13, 2022

Report by Aleda Koehn.  On a day of uncertain weather, fifteen intrepid ADKers walked the newly paved path through Catella park, across the I-88 off and on ramps, and onto the grassy slope leading to the trail toward New Island.  Goldenrod of many species in full bloom, displays of giant pokeweed with red stems and purple-black berries, manyContinue reading “New Island – September 13, 2022”

Emmons Pond Bog – September 6, 2022

Report by Jendy Murphy and Paul Wehren.  On an eerily beautiful, misty, late summer morning, seventeen hikers circled the Emmons Pond Bog along the mile and a half trail.  Since it had rained a lot the day before, the tall grasses and goldenrod at the beginning and end of the loop pretty well drenched everyone’sContinue reading “Emmons Pond Bog – September 6, 2022”

Oneonta Water Supply History Tour – August 30, 2022

Report by Art Palmer.  This trip was designed to illustrate where much of the city’s water comes from. Eighteen people met at Neahwa Park, first for a short walk over familiar territory along the Mill Race to the main city water well in Catella Park. We’ve seen it before, but this time we described how itsContinue reading “Oneonta Water Supply History Tour – August 30, 2022”

August 23rd, 2022 – Van Cleft Trail, Wilber Park

Report by Sarah Patterson.  Don’t underestimate the SUSQADKers! I woke up on August 23rd around 7:00 am to rain and thunder and thought, “uh oh!” Consulting with Diane and Linda, we decided to meet and take an easier hike on the roads in Wilber. But, NO! Not to be “VerKlemp”, 27 hikers showed up andContinue reading “August 23rd, 2022 – Van Cleft Trail, Wilber Park”

August 16th, 2022 – Neahwa Park

Report by Jann Ewen.  It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, August 16th, for a hike around the perimeters of Neahwa and Catella Parks, including the newly paved Mill Race Trail. Twenty-two of us enjoyed the walk, sometimes through the mown wet grass and other times along the shady areas as well. Good time was hadContinue reading “August 16th, 2022 – Neahwa Park”

July 26th, 2022 – Woodland Walk, Jefferson

Report by Betsy Cunningham.  On July 26, nineteen hikers, including four first-timers, walked 2 1/2 miles on a country road and woodland paths in Jefferson. The weather was perfect – warm, sunny and not humid. All participants enjoyed food and conversation following the trek at the home of Neil and Betsy Cunningham. Photo by NeilContinue reading “July 26th, 2022 – Woodland Walk, Jefferson”