Hike to Table Rock – July 8, 2008

About 26 hikers left the top of Morgan Avenue and headed up to Hartwick’s Strawberry athletic field. From there they ventured into the forest between the field and the Job Corps. Currie Marr again helped us all to recognize the various fungi we encountered in the woods, and we all were interested in the variousContinue reading “Hike to Table Rock – July 8, 2008”

Hartwick State Forest Hike – July 01, 2008

Thirty-one ADKers hiked snowmobile paths of Hartwick State Forest on July 1. The weather was pleasant, the paths soft and wide, and the forest shady and mature. Interesting finds along the way included mushrooms, toads, birds, Purple Raspberry plants in full bloom, and Red Elderberry plants bearing fruit. Doug Fielder took the group picture onContinue reading “Hartwick State Forest Hike – July 01, 2008”

Hooker Mountain Hike Report By Scott Fielder – June 17th 2008

June 17 started out rather ominously as a cloudy/misty day but 24 brave souls gathered at our house in Chaseville for a caravan off to Hooker Mountain, the highest point in the Town of Maryland. We enjoyed a pleasant hike on the trail through the state land emerging on Norton Road and continuing on DogContinue reading “Hooker Mountain Hike Report By Scott Fielder – June 17th 2008”

Canoe/Kayak Paddle on the Susquehanna River – June 10, 2008

Led by Barb Means, the canoe/kayak paddle on the Susquehanna River started from the bridge in Milford and went to the Crumhorn Boat Launch. The photographs below were taken by Ruth Schaeffer: 1) Participants, 2) Yellow Iris (Iris pseudacorus), 3) Participants, 4) Bullhead-Lily (Nuphar variegatum), 5) Participants, 6) Yellow Iris again.

Hike from Goodyear Lake to Colliers Dam – May 27, 2008

Nineteen hikers met at our home on Cliffside, Goodyear Lake to walk to the State Fishing Access site along the south end of the lake and on to the Colliers dam. Even though showers were predicted and some clouds looked threatening, it turned out to be a very pleasant morning. As we walked along theContinue reading “Hike from Goodyear Lake to Colliers Dam – May 27, 2008”

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 Hike Report – Winney Hill Ridge

We gathered at the Salo home on Winney Hill, starting our hike along and around the Winney Hill Ridge from the backyard. We meandered out way to the top of the ridge by going through the woods, kind of switching back and forth on a woods trail. Along the way we came upon a mostContinue reading “Tuesday, May 20, 2008 Hike Report – Winney Hill Ridge”

Hike from Fernleigh Farm to Star Field with Photos May 6th 2008

18 ADK members gathered at the Clark Sports Center on Tuesday, May 6 then proceeded to Fernleigh Farm on the East Side of Otsego Lake. The Clark Estates property overseer met them and told them a bit about the Fernleigh Farm area that they would be walking. The group then headed out on the toteContinue reading “Hike from Fernleigh Farm to Star Field with Photos May 6th 2008”

Cherry Valley Creek Bike Ride April 2008

On a comfortably cool Saturday morning 13 people gathered at the Milford NCOC BOCES to ride 11 bikes up the Cherry Valley to Middlefield and for some even to Roseboom and back. Julia Smith was leader and organizer of the ride. You may wonder how 13 people could manage with only 11 bikes. The solutionContinue reading “Cherry Valley Creek Bike Ride April 2008”

Milford State Forest Hike 4/15/08

Milford State Forest Hike, Tuesday April 15, 2008: Twenty-four participants enjoyed a sunny hike along paths in an area that has not been hiked since the tornado of 1998. The trails have been cleared of logs and many species of young trees occur, including Larch, Spruce, Fire Cherry, Maples, and Birch. From right to left photographsContinue reading “Milford State Forest Hike 4/15/08”